Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Project Goals--WIP

It seems that "everyone" is making knitting goals.  Some of them are WAY lofty (do these people work out of the home?).

I looked at some of them.  One 13 13's in 2013, it sounded good, until I visited the group:  I am NOT knitting 169 projects!

Then there was Knit 13 Projects from 13 Books -- more doable, I can knit 13 items in one year.  After pulling out my knitting books, I realized I didn't have 13 and wondered if I left any at moms.  Could I count knitting magazines?

Hmm, what knitting goals for 2013?

I am going to start simple.

FIRST, get my WIP done before casting on others (maybe I will hold myself to getting at least one of the sticks before casting on a new project).

So, here is the first WIP I want to finish before starting a new project:

I want finish my Every Way Wrap -- I am on the 8th repeat out of 16, so I'm half done!  Happy Face!  So, my goal is to get it done BEFORE March 30, one year after I started it.


my Dalekanium socks, between 1/4 and 1/2 the way done (another 5 or 6 rows before I will start the heel).  They seem a tad wide for me so they might be a RAK and given to someone who likes knit socks (like my mom).

And then,

the Birch Leave Shawl.  This shawl is teaching me that I don't really like lace weight yarn, so glad I don't have any in my stash!

So, that is where I'm starting!

Oh...my other 2013 goal is to get my stash updated on Ravelry!

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Gracey is not my name.... said...

Oh I like the socks....

I have a ton on my list, most I will not even get done...but I figured I'd put it all out there...