Monday, January 14, 2013

WIP on a Rainy Day in Alaska

Two of the three projects on the sticks - Every Way Wrap and Dalekanium Socks
We are experiencing rain here in Alaska.  Lots of rain!  We are under a flood watch.  When that much rain falls, it causes snow to melt, and then when it all hits roads, it tends to freeze.  So far, the drainage ditch is doing it's job and the water running down our street towards our house is going where is should go!

 We got our errands finished Saturday.  Sunday we stayed home, enjoying be house bound, watching TV and people slip and slide on our road.   I knit.  Even though I brought work home Friday from school, I didn't get to it.  It is really just and hour or two on the computer, and Saturday when I sat down to do that work, my laptop was playing hard to get.  It seems if I don't get it done Saturday morning, it doesn't get done.

I am a very early riser, figured I'd get done what I needed to this morning before I left for work.  But, that didn't happen (yes, it is still NOT done).

Due to the dangerous road conditions, they closed schools, so I have been able to sit in my jammies far longer than I'd like to admit and knit!!!!!

Every Way Wrap

Upon counting the pattern repeats, I am pretty sure I will make the March 30 "deadline" of completing the Every Way Wrap before the anniversary of it's cast on!  I just completed pattern repeat #11 out of 16!  I had been knitting on this almost exclusively and have learned how to fix those cable when I hold it to the wrong side, without frogging it all back to the error.  I am feeling pretty proud of myself of this knitting accomplishment. 

Then I got to thinking about this week in school.  I am "proctoring" mid year tests.  For the most part, I can't do anything other than walk around, keep an eye on my students and remind them "This is a test, I am sorry, I cannot help you on this."  With my ADD, I go stir crazy sitting there doing nothing and I got to wondering about bringing my knitting.  There was no way I could work on the Every Way Wrap, so I thought about my other projects. 

The Birch Leaf Shawl?  Uh, NOPE!  That is NOT something I can drop what I'm doing and help, assist students and will take far too much attention!

The Dalekanium Socks?  Hmmm, maybe.  I was almost to the heel, I've done enough socks that I can drop and go if I need to, but not these.  This pattern calls for short row heels, which I'd never done before and I just didn't want to be doing those in a drop and go situation!

Dalekanium Socks
If I wanted to even think of bringing them to work, I needed to be past the heel. 

Yesterday, I knit the remaining 1/2 inch of the foot, and moved onto the heel.  Try as I might to complete both heels before the end of the day, I had some technical difficulties with the heel and went to bed with one heel "completed, but in need of frogging and re-knitting.  This morning, with no school, I found my error, frogged back to that spot, and was able to get both heels done.  Pretty amazing and simple heel, I'll see how they were and maybe I've found my new heel.  We'll see!

Anyone who might be paying attention may notice no picture of the Birch Leaf Shawl.  Nope, she isn't frogged, just being a little camera shy!  She hasn't been touched except for pictures last time I posted WIPs!

Birch Leaf Shawl (sits ignored in the project bag)


Gracey is not my name.... said...

What yarn are you using for your socks? I like it.....

We have LAS testing next month, and then state testing in March...LAS testing is state testing for our ELL students...

I will proctor too, but I can't bring in a project to do...never thought of it..maybe a crochet project...

I took a sick day tomorrow..going to doc...and we may have snow on Wed..

Fiber Jewels said...

The yarn was purchased from an LYS that dye their own yarns and rovings. All I know is it is in the colorway "Kingfisher" and is wool sock yarn. Don't even know if it is superwash.

We are supposed to provide our full attention during proctoring, but the problem I have is when I do that (sit and do nothing) I tend to begin to fall asleep. I am thinking these socks may need a little more attention than I can give to them while at school--every 4th stitch is slipped, every 4th row that stitch is wrapped twice.

I will bring my iPad to the computer lab and get some school related reading done. This will sit better with the other teacher I'm proctoring with.

Schools open and running -- I managed to get what I HAD to get done so I'm working on extra stuff now for the classroom.