Sunday, February 17, 2013

My First KAL~Business Casual Socks

When I first saw this pattern, I thought it was very cool, but I had to finish my Every Way Wrap before casting on any new projects; I knew it was the only way I'd finish the wrap.  This pattern is being done as a KAL, I have never done one, and I am about 2 weeks behind. 

Yesterday we had our monthly Knit2tegether, and I attempted to cast on multiple times.  I do not like knitting cuff down, attempted the stretchy cast on for them cuff down on the Magic Loop just was NOT working!

I sat there for the longest time, trying to figure out how to adapt the pattern to toe up.  Calculator in hand, looking at the pattern, casting on, frogging casting on again.  Then an "uh, DUH!" moment when I it hit me, all I have to do is cast on, do the toe until I have the 64 inches and follow the pattern that way!  DUH, indeed!

In addition to the issues I was creating with this pattern, I wasn't too happy with my choice of yarn.

We often have a yarn stash-busting swap.  I don't really have a huge stash, have never bought yarn for the sake of buying yarn, unless it is sock yarn, so I normally don't bring yarn; then feel guilty when I take yarn home!  Then I spied this little skein of yarn needing a new home.

Upon returning home, I made a few more attempts at casting on with my first choice of yarn before leaving for our family game night and dinner at my mom's.

First thing this morning, I grabbed my coffee, swift, and ball winder and made these two little cakes of yarn (after first taking pictures of the skein):
Note to self:  keep first cup of coffee far away from swift and ball winder -- my cup had quite a lot of fiber floating in it!!!

I am off to cast on my Business Casual Socks with this new yarn.  Hmmmm, now that I look at the yarn, it looks a lot like the yarn from my Happy Feet Socks


Gracey is not my name.... said...

Yeah you are joining us!

Fiber Jewels said...

yep! After spending FAR too much time trying to figure out how to do them toe up, and even more time casting on with yarn I wasn't happy with (I think it was more a combination of yarn and needles I was using), I got started. Honey and I watched Sky Fall last night, and I completed the first "diamond" of the traveling stitches!!!!