Saturday, March 16, 2013

FO 2013 #4

The Friday before our spring break we had a PD (Professional Development) day, so I brought my mindless Dish Cloth yarn and cast on and completed FO #4 for 2013.  It is a stretch for FO, but I decided that if I my Every Way Wrap, which took me almost a year to complete, only counts as one FO, then something that takes me a couple hours can also count as a completed project!!!!

While posting it to my  FO 2013 page, I checked my goals for 2013 and updated them.  Things are going well.

I got over my temper-tantrum with Business Casual KAL.  I have one more pattern repeat, the cuff and they will be finished before the KAL deadline of March 25 (I hope).

I have taken a break from the knitting.  Friday, the sofa-sleeper for my office/craft/guest bedroom was delivered so I spent most of the day rearranging the room and going through boxes that had things just tossed in them from my move.

I was supposed to be reading for the Iditaread at school, so I just spent some lovely time on the new couch reading.  It is a paper book.  Written in British-English. Which is not the same as American-English.  I keep wishing the book was an eReader so I could touch the word and get its definition. 

Wednesday through Friday I did Dr. Oz's Three Day Detox Cleanse, so today I got to eat food that needs to be chewed!  More on that later, or not!  I lost 5 pounds in three days, so we will see.  I must get back to eating healthy and I though a detox would be a good way to start!

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