Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Longest Day

It is State Testing week here in Alaska. Every child shall be tested, no matter their skill level, or lack of.

Today was the reading test. As a Special Education teacher, during this time I proctor for one of the many groups of students who have accommodations. Today's test is reading, and as such, there isn't much I can do except encourage them to do their best. Despite reading at 3 or more grade levels lower than the test, they have to take the test.

We have been assigned a "room" to test in. At one time I think it was a storage closet. Upon completion of the test the students can read a book or put their heads down and sleep.

Me? I am not supposed to do anything except proctor the test.

Tomorrow should be better. I get to read the test to the students! But today, was very long, frustrating, and very boring.


Gracey is not my name.... said...

We just finished last Monday...I feel for you...our SPED kids now take a test on the computer that is modified for them...it's called the MAS...some of our ELLs take one called the MIST, except for reading, which is read to them...they all have extended time...next year, supposedly all kids will be taking a new test on the computer,,we have 900 kids and about 70 computers right now...yeah...

Fiber Jewels said...

Unlimited time for all kiddos. My sped kids finished before their class.....then took a nap