Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I am Sold on Essential Oils

Summer has found me to be very busy.  One of my long-time goal was to get my home yoga practice going.  I set up my office/craft/spare bedroom so that I could easily pull out my mat and do yoga every morning.

But that never happened.

This spring I purchased my first Groupon - one unlimited month at a local yoga studio for a 56% discount. 

I joined the "30 Day Wellness Challenge" at the yoga studio and have set a goal to attend 5 sessions at the yoga studio per week, do yoga 2 days at home, and earn 100% on my Weight Watchers (WW) Active Link (AL) per week, earning at least 3 Activity Points (AP) per day.

Last week, I attended 5 classes at the studio, earned 103% of my AL goal, with 28 AP's!

So, in my quest to get more active, when my friend called to see if I wanted to go hiking, I was game (see post dated June 18 for pictures of a wonderful hike).

Sorry, I have digressed, I started to tell you about essential oils and I still haven't gotten there.  The studio sells doTERRA Essential Oils and I was willing to try them.  I purchased an Introductory Kit for $26.67 which came with Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint (three top sellers).  I also attended an oils class at the studio.
Introductory Kit

So, what sold me on doTERRA Essential Oils?

First:  I was told that peppermint can stop a migraine.  Okay, sounds far fetched, but I'd try it.  I was almost happy a couple days after the class that I had the signs that a major migraine was on it's way with auras.  I knew I had about 1/2 hour before I HAD to take my prescription drugs, so I applied peppermint to my temples, across my forehead and on the back of my neck. I also popped a Peppermint Beadlet.  The migraine never materialized!  Now let me tell you, once I have the vision signs the only way to prevent a migraine that will put me in bed, dark room, no sound, is to take some powerful prescription drugs!  AMAZING!

Second:  If that wasn't wonderful enough, remember the hike I took Monday?  I am out of shape, Tuesday and I was feeling every muscle I had used.  I had blisters on my feet, my arthritis flared up, I just wanted to crawl in a corner and die.  My 49 year old body was not happy with my inner 18 year old who wrongly believed a little 10+ mile hike on the hottest day of the summer in Alaska was a good thing.

I researched what to do for my aches and pains and I had what I needed - Lavender and Peppermint.

After a soak in the tub, I messaged lavender oil on my blisters, as well as gave myself a good food message.  I rubbed lavender oil and peppermint on my aching joints.  I had taken Aleeve, but when the arthritis flares up in my hips, Aleeve just takes the edge off the pain.  In less than 30 minutes, I was almost back to normal.  Periodically during the day I would rub down areas that ached with lavender and/or peppermint.

Third:  Prior to our walk, I read that Peppermint was great as a mosquito repellent (I also learned that BEARS love peppermint, so I chose to not be a peppermint-flavored-human for bears and used normal mosquito repellent).  Last night I rubbed peppermint on my dog and we went outside, she was left alone; normally she is covered in mosquitos.

I am so sold on doTERRA that I decided to sign up.  Please contact me, visit my store, give Essential Oils a try! 

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