Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I Do

The cake "thrown together" by a friend
November of 2011, I met the most wonderful man through eHarmony.  We met for lunch and the two hours I had allotted flew by.  It was the most enjoyable and relaxing lunch I had ever had with a man I had just met.  We have been with each other almost every day since then.  When we haven't been together, we have talked on the phone or texted each other.  He lived less than 500 feet (as the crow flies) from where I lived!
Last summer we went to Minnesota, I stayed for three weeks, he was with me for the first week.  Shortly after I returned home, he took me to dinner, got down on his knees and asked me to marry him (June 29, 2012).
I have witnessed first hand how fast the wedding becomes about everyone else and not the bride and groom.  I am not a party-planning girl and had no desire for a big event.  I just wanted to marry my man!  After many different ideas of how we would marry we decided to invite my family over (his family lives out of state, and travel to Alaska is not cheap) for our wedding claiming it was our "First Annual Summer Solstice BBQ."
In Alaska a person can "commission" one marriage, so we asked my husband's best friend to do this, his wife would be one witness and we would ask my mom to be the other.  My family arrived, and I informed them that they weren't here for just a BBQ, but were here to witness our wedding.
My mom's first reaction was to cry and tell me how mad she was (she got over it).
On a very sunny June day in Alaska (one week shy of his asking me to marry him), I married my best friend, on the deck of the house we purchased together.

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Gracey is not my name.... said...

Congratulations! You look very happy!