Sunday, July 7, 2013

31 Days and Counting

August 9 I must report to work to begin the school year.  That leaves me 31 days before my summer comes to an end.  I am planning on going in earlier that week to set up my classroom.  For the first time since starting at Mat-Su School District, I will be at the same school.  I do have a new position, new classroom, but at least I won't have to navigate a new school building and the politics that go along with a change in school building.

I will be taking over the Primary ED classroom -- grades K, 1, 2.  Little kids with emotional issues.  The last day of school, one of these little kiddos had to be carried out to his bus!  This position at times will be very physical as I may have to hold, restrain, carry a student to keep the others safe.

My main goal this summer was to get fit and one of the mini-goals to get back to wellness to get my yoga home practice going again.  I joined a local yoga studio and have attended 3 to 5 classes a week at the studio.

BUT, until recently I did no yoga at home.

The Fourth of July changed that.  The studio would be closed for three days and I leave my weekends for my honey.

Today was my 6th consecutive day I have done yoga; four of them at  home.  The first day was difficult, I ended up eating and had to wait 2 hours before I could get on the mat.  After that, I've gotten up, had my first cup of coffee and then pulled out my mat.  It has been great to get that over with.  

A great way to start my day!

BUT, there is a slight problem.

Shortly, my family will go dipnetting.

Dipnetting is a crazy time.  We go for about one week, our lives become ruled by the change of the tides.  We sleep, eat, fish by the tide.  

Between the three households, we will be able to bring home 115 fish.  It is just as much work catching the fish as preserving it.  This year, we will not can any -- all will be cleaned, vacuum sealed and froze.  It then be smoked.  We will also try our hand at canned smoked salmon.

So?  How will I do my yoga camping?  I doubt I will have the DVD routine I'm using memorized before we go.  We do have a DVD player in the RV, but I don't think there is enough room in the RV for me to do the routine.

I just downloaded two Apps on my iPad, hoping to be able to do my yoga with it.

Even if I get on the mat for 15 minutes, it will count, because, for me, it is about making the time to get on my mat.

I can do this!!!!

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