Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Home, and now the real work begins

A pink salmon ready for the grill

Monday night we did something we rarely do while dipnetting.  We ate the fruits of our labor.

We got a pink salmon and my brother claims they don't freeze well, so I suggested we eat him!

We reached our combined limit of 90 fish yesterday morning.  We caught our last 17 fish in one hour!

We are home, 89 fish on ice in the coolers.

Now we have to process them.  They will all go in the freezer.  Some will later be smoked.  I want to try "Squaw Candy" as well as trying some canned smoked salmon.  Our house eats most of the salmon grilled, my brother's family eats most of theirs smoked.

Then there is cleaning the RV and other gear used.  

I think I should crawl back in bed for more rest!

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