Saturday, July 27, 2013

Laying Low Saturday

For a good laugh, check out the link on yesterday's post!  I am sure some of the things can happen in other states, but they are very much Alaskan (but the moose harnessed has been proven a hoax).

Don't feel well today, want to sit on the couch with the heating pad on my belly -- enough said, right?

On a positive note, thanks to a suggestion from a reader, I tried a slow release iron supplement!  YEAH!  I can take it without getting deathly ill, or other side effects (so far).  I am able to return to my more healthy diet of lean meats, and not daily intake of red meats.  I am not going to Weight Watchers meetings; just can't deal with listening to other's weight loss while mine is stable at best.  I have begun taking weekly measurements and my belly continues to grow.....grrrrrr!!!!  A week of red meat eating hasn't had an impact on my measurements either way.  As I got closer to my cycle, my energy has waned - I managed 83% of my goal on my Active Link.  I will be kind to myself, and do what I can to get as close as I can to 100% this coming week -- no promises!

My honey, on the other hand, is full of energy.  While he mows the lawn, he has salmon bellies in the smoker.

Our Bradely Smoker working hard to create yummy goodness
from our freezer full of Sockeye Salmon
 We were told that Squaw Candy was originally made from salmon bellies, so we are giving it a shot this week. 
Put the bellies in Brine Thursday night.  Removed, rinsed, and placed in fridge to dry Friday night.  This morning placed in smoker.

I am taking it easy, slowly doing laundry, and knitting.  Started the band on Lucy that runs around the body, forms collar, front, and lower band.

The band will be three inches, so I'm about 1/2 way done with it.  I am knitting with Malabrigo, and the two hanks from the same die lot are, hmmm?  They are not the same color.  One is more green, the other more red.  I struggled with doing every other row with every other hank, but settled on doing the band around the body with the red hank, hoping to have enough for that band.  I will use the green hank for the bands on the sleeves.

I hear Lucy calling my name so I'm going back to the couch, after a detour by the laundry room to reboot the wash (fold, move another load from washer to dryer, and insert new load in washer).  I will try to sneak in some activity during the day.

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