Tuesday, July 2, 2013

RV'ing in Alaska

I have camped many different ways, from tents to campers, but this "camping" with the RV is nice!

We took my mom with us this weekend and headed not too far away to Williwaw Camp Ground near Portage Glacier. I had hoped to do more hiking and exploring but between the mosquitoes and some other health issues, we didn't get much more further from the camper than a mile. 

One of the Geocache's hanging in a tree.
We did manage to snag 6 Geocaches (so many more for out next trip to the area).

I got some knitting done (not a lot, but the Birch Leaf Shawl received some attention).

We relaxed and enjoyed getting away from it all (cell phone coverage spotty, if at all).

My mom slept wrong and I was able to use doTERRA Peppermint Essential Oil on her shoulder; within minutes she felt relief!  My blisters are totally healed, the skin reattached!

Enjoy some of the pictures taken this weekend.

 Wild flowers

Many miles of boardwalk over the marshy ground

Several little creeks -- you can see where this clear creek joins the blue/green glacier fed creek

Another shot of the two creeks joining.

see that little patch of brown with white flecks?
Those are Dahl Sheep

Miles and miles of wide flat trails (when not on board walks)

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