Monday, July 22, 2013


My honey and I headed out in the RV and went camping.  After our first choice of campground was full, we ended up at Trail River Campground near Moose Pass, Alaska, after 8 pm Friday night.

A lot of the places we camp are in areas with bear activity.  So you can find these brown boxes, especially near tent sites:

Hmm, what does that sign say?  

All items that are food related are to be stored inside hard sided vehicles.  Even beverage coolers are to be stored.
I managed to get knitting done and I am about to bind off solid color of body on Lucy.  I will post pictures later, after sharing camping pictures:
South Shore of Kenai Lake

Morning walk on the shore.

Day Use area

Morning sun through the pine

Trail River

Trail River

Abby and I

Abby and I taking our morning walk

Abby LOVES the water


Gracey is not my name.... said...

Beautiful! Are the mosquitoes really big? We got attacked by mosquitoes up in the mountains in Wyoming..

Fiber Jewels said...

We have had a bad summer for mosquitoes. Small, large, either way, bad! There have been times the stores have been out of bug spray!

Would love to sit on either the front porch or back deck, but the mosquitos keep you in unless you have the juice to keep them off.