Thursday, July 11, 2013

Wow...part 2

Despite remaining positive, I feel like the rugs been pulled out from me.

Yesterday was incredibly long, so many things to do, but no energy.  All I wanted to do was research and try to find answers.

Went to lunch with my mom and she has so many questions on how my doctor will treat me.


We don't yet really know what caused the enlarged uterus!   Let's do one step at a time.

So many health concerns/issue make sense.  Doing almost daily since the beginning of June, and I'm no different.  Weight gain just in my tummy, when I've always gained pretty evenly.

Despite "being on plan" via Weight Watchers, not dropping weight.  I have given up on this front.

Three or four weeks ago, I started getting full quickly.  A small bowl of soup will leave me feeling like I've eaten a huge Thanksgiving dinner.  I'd been trying doTERRA's Slim and Sassy and attributed my feeling full to it.  But was it the oil, or the lack of room in my "big belly"?

I feel like everything is on hold right now.  Yesterday was numbing as I did more and more research.

Tomorrow I have my ultrasound, but I doubt I will walk away with any answers.  I am taking my mom dipnetting Sunday, thankfully my phone does work where we will be.  Leaving my poor husband home alone to worry about me.

Maybe we will get some answers tomorrow, but I doubt it!

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Fiber Jewels said...

Out of curiosity, I took measurements this morning.

I have lost one half to one inch everywhere but my waist, where I've gained an inch.

That still doesn't count the widest part of my "big belly" which is closing in on the measurements of my hips......