Friday, August 9, 2013

Back to the Grind

I have been heading to school and my new classroom all week, but today is the official first day teachers return to the classroom.

I will post pictures, have been taking them, some a little fuzzy.  My fault for not putting on reading classes on to check the focus of the pictures.  Before I post pictures I would like a finished picture of the classroom.

Returning to school as a teacher each fall isn't much different than returning as a student.

I am in an "ED Classroom" which means I have kids that have a difficult time making good choices with their behavior.  I have to be trained on how to hold/restrain students if needed as well as how to properly carry a child that is out of control.

I have a "de-escalation room" where kids who are "out of control" are placed, with a lock on the outside to keep them in until they have regained control.

Will the kiddos be as crazy this year as last year?  Will they be screaming and having temper tantrums several times a day, or will they be calmer this year? Will my 16 years of work with children in treatment for emotional and/or behavioral disorders help me create a calm classroom?

I can only hope!


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Gracey is not my name.... said...

Good luck! My first classroom had the door removed from the rather large closet to use as a calm down room...not sure exactly how they used it....then we had an actual "padded" room put in over in the office suite where the social worker and psych were....that room took a lot of we just have an ISS room...we had at one point the SED program in our school (social, emotion) I team taught with one of the teachers one year...her students came into my room for math...maybe this is why I get some of the toughest last year was hell..I am moving grade levels this year and I hope have a much better year.