Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ready or Not....

Ready or not, Thursday, the kids will come.

Ready or not, I will have to appear that I AM ready!

It is not yet 3 a.m. and I can't sleep.  I feel like I won't be ready.

The first few days and weeks of a new school year are filled with rules, expectations, teaching of procedures/routines and I don't feel like I know myself what they will need to be.  How will I teach them to my students?

BUT, Miss W is a great assistant and was in the same room last year; she has and will be my crutch.

Miss T, my other assistant, holds a Special Education teaching endorsement in another state.

One of my students will have a "BHA" with him every day.  Never heard of them.  I think it stands for Behavioral Health Assistant.  He has two of them, but only one each day.

Right now, our adult to child ration is 1:1

I (we) will do fine.  I will be flying by the seat of my pants.  This isn't my first pony ride, I (we) will do fine!

But still, I am tossing and turning, mind racing100 miles per hour.

I will be trying Essential Oils in the class, so we will see how that works.  People do walk in my room and often mention how nice my room smells.

I drank warm milk while typing, I am going to crawl back in bed and see if I can catch a few more winks.

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