Monday, September 9, 2013

Back to Work, for Three Days

What a whirlwind weekend!

My husband decided that means he was going to have to paint the bathroom he might as well replace the old outdated lights above the mirror.  Apparently, when the house was built, it was not code to put in junction boxes, so that was the first issue.

No stud where it needed to be for new junction box, and plumbing was running in the wall in a spot that prevented placing new lights centered above sink. We centered it between the window and the wall mounted cabinet and the mirror will be centered the same way.  We are hoping the 2 or 3 inch shift won't make it look funny.  I asked husband to get "a white" showed him the different paint chips, pointing to the top colors.  He went with WHITE.  Oh well, it is crisp and clean now!

The mirror will go up this week and eventually, we will replace the floor as it got cut up pretty bad when the mirror fell.

So, his list?  He got the bathroom pretty much done, except for mirror, which he says he will mount this week. 

My list?
  • Carpets shampooed in both spare bedrooms and all doggie spots are gone.
  • Bed was moved, bedding ready to be put on.
  • 90% of what I wanted to complete for my classroom is done.
  • Closet in spare bedroom organized -- everything pulled out of RV was shoved in closet we could hardly walk into that closet.
  • Weekend chores such as laundry, vacuuming the house, etc. was completed.
  • Not on the list, but done, wound a hank into a cake for Christmas Knitting I hope to do.  The pattern that was selected is in French, so I found a different pattern that will work.  Checked to make sure I had needles -- project ready to start next week.
  • Also not on list was I got my Lucy Anklet Socks to a point where I don't need the pattern for 30 rows.  Will take it with me when I do my pre-op appointments this week.
  • One more, not on the list item.  Spent most of Sunday removing malware off my laptop!  What a chore, but the laptop is running at top speeds again!
Turned "inside out" so you can see cuff pattern.
About an inch of 3x1 rib and now it's knitting to row 30

For some reason I can't remember, I am knitting these cuff socks on DPN one-at-a-time.  Two things I haven't done in years. 

Work, here I come.......

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