Thursday, September 5, 2013

Came They Did

Wow!  It really has been three weeks since school started and I haven't created one post.

Came the kiddos did.  Right now I have only four kiddos in grades 1 and 2.  The start of the school year honeymoon didn't last long.  An hour after school started, one of my assistants was hit and kicked and into the "seclusion" room the student had to go (when students are unsafe, they have to go in an empty room with a window where they can be watched, but are pretty much unable to hurt others).  By the end of the second day I too had been hit and kicked, as well as bit. Such is life of an Emotional/Behavioral Disorders teacher.

We have settled into our routines, my wild-child has settled down and has had days where we were safe all day, with no chairs flying across the room, no hits or kicks, no running away.

I have had other teachers drop by and tell me the room "feels different" in a positive way.  Another teacher told my room looks like a classroom (still not sure exactly what that means).

In addition, each weekend my honey and I have taken the RV out.  Labor Day weekend was our last trip; the RV will be winterized and put up for the winter.  During our outings I have knit and we hiked and even got in a horse back ride.  

My surgery is scheduled for next week, I don't know if my classroom is ready for me to leave for up to 8 weeks, but I am practicing letting go!  We will stay home this weekend and get the house ready for me to be laid up for a while. 

I have pictures, but technology is getting the better of me this morning.  

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