Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Last Work Day and Letting Go

I am trying to practice letting go.

Usually, I write pages of notes for a substitute teacher for ONE day.

So, that would mean I'd have to write a book for 8 weeks, right?

I've let go.  My sub came in Monday to meet the kids and get a quick run down of a day in my classroom.  She has nothing more than my lesson plans for this week, and then she is on her own.

I do have two assistants who know how things run.  We march the kiddos through the different curriculums, one lesson at a time.  If they get through two lessons in on day, great!  Don't complete a lesson, no big deal, we will pick up where we left off the following day.

I'm not as ready for a sub as I'd like, but I'm trying to let go.

Tonight we are meeting with friends to celebrate three of our birthdays.  Tomorrow I will get up, make the bed in the spare bedroom, do the last little bit around the house before I pick up my mom and we head to pre-op appointments.

Hopefully, the stuffy nose I have is allergies and not one of the many colds going around.  I have been drinking EmergenC three times a day and drinking OnGuard laced water.

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