Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Pattern

Sometimes I love the challeanges of a new pattern, sometimes, not so much.

Case in point.

Sunday night I decide to cast on a Christmas present.  And how far am I now?  

Five inches, that's it!  Two full days.  Days while I'm on medical leave, where all I have to do is sit and get better.  Five measly inches  in  two days!  Okay, one day I had to sleep off a migraine, but still!   

I could have started and completed a pair of socks with non-shop knitting these two days, but nope, 5 inches!

First there was this "provisional cast on".  A friend sent me a video how to do this crazy procedure on an cable.  Watched the video several times Sunday night.  More times Monday morning.

Attempted more times than I care to admit, only to have a snarled mess of cables and yarn.

I searched other patterns.  Considered finishing my Lucy cardigan (after all, the only thing left is the sleeves.  

Eventually, after other videos, more snarled messes, late Monday I figured it out.  

Next problem?  How many to cast on?  I wanted to make it a little more narrow, not as easy as you think.  Section C shows 13 stitches, BUT, that is at the widest part and....  cast on, knit, frog, count, cast on knit, wrong again, frog.....

Okay, correct number cast on, knit, knit, knit.....WHAT?!  How did I miss that?  

See that note, above section B?  "Continue row 1-10"?  Me?  What was I doing?  I was just knitting happily along for 5 rows when I should have been doing the pattern.  

Last night, this was at my feet.

<sigh>  This seems to be kind of normal for me and new patterns. 

This morning, after about an hour of knitting I am once again knitting with virgin yarn, and am sitting at 5 inches.

The pattern really isn't hard, just the little bumps along the route of a new pattern.  I LOVE knitting with Malibrigo, it is positively YUMMY!

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