Friday, September 13, 2013

Watching the Clock

Yesterday was pre-op appointments at the doctor's office and at the hospital and today I was supposed to have surgery at 10:30, but I am waiting.

One of the tests from my blood draw came back funky, so my surgery was switched to 2:30. I haven't eaten since dinner last night.  Told the doctor I am a little addicted to coffee so she said I could have ONE cup of BLACK coffee at 5 am, and then NOTHING else.

I am antsy now.  Took a nice long soak in the tub. Have lavender oil on my feet and pulse points and I am back in bed.  I can't bear to watch TV with all the food commercials.  I am tired, hungry, and thirsty.  I am hoping sleep will come soon and long!

***** I am not doing well trying to sleep. Took pictures and created posts that I scheduled to publish over the next few days. 

Stayed tuned, FO and WIP!

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