Monday, October 21, 2013

Can I do it?

I return to work this week.  Two weeks ahead of schedule!

Thursday and Friday are Parent/Teacher Conferences; my first day back will be Thursday.  It will be an incredibly long day, 9-7.  I worry if I will be able to make it as my energy is still incredibly low.

I wear an "Active Link" that tracks movement.  Any activity beyond that point which one normally moves just to live (called a "baseline") earns the wearer "points" based on Weight Watchers.

Weight Watches is based on the simple premiss:  eat less, move more.  The Active Link wearer can, if they want, trade the points earned on food.

Prior to surgery, I was earning 3-4 points every work day. Weekends I would drop a bit, but earned 2-3 points.

And now?  

I am lucky to hit "baseline."  My Active Link has suggested a goal of 1 point a day.  Every day I have earned that 1 lowly point, I have been exhausted the days following.

I am very worried about the energy I will need at work.

So, Thursday, ready or not, I will attempt to work 10 hours.  Friday I have my final post-op, so I will not have to work the short day.  Monday, it will be back to work in full force.

I am worried!

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