Wednesday, October 2, 2013

That Point Knitters Love After Frogging.......

If you have been following me, you know about the issues with the pattern for my niece's cowl.

I am at the point all knitters love.  The point when you have re-knit previous frogged yarn and are knitting with fresh, virgin yarn!

This mess Saturday night:

is now this:

The previous cowl was just a little over 20 inches.  The new pattern is a little wider, so I am only at about 16 inches with the same amount of yarn.

A friend stopped by Saturday and while I was sharing what I didn't like about the cowl and I said my niece would never notice the problems.  My friend asked, "are you enjoying knitting it?"

With out skipping a beat, I replied "No!"

I have a knitting friend that will NEVER frog.  When she saw the first picture, she gasped!

Her comment is "you can't get that time back".

I am loving how the new pattern is working out and am thinking I might have to knit myself my own cowl.  I found a lovely merino/silk sock yarn that would be great for this pattern!

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