Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Productive Break

It is Spring Break in the Anchorage/Mat-su area.

If you can call this spring:

That's our dog, Abby, this past Saturday, on one of our snowshoeing adventures.

I have been busy doing things that I've put off for FAR too long. Boring things like name and address changes.  I should be receiving my new passport with my new name on it in the next month or two.  That took a very frustrating phone call or two, and more emotional stress than it really needed to be!  My poor husband got one text from me:  "That's it, I just am NEVER going to leave the USA!"  Might be a little hard as we are planning to drive from Alaska to the "lower 48" which means going through Canada!

I still need to make a trip to school, today Abby has a vet appointment and I want to plant my seeds.

Haven't been knitting much, but have been pressing the peddles on my spinning wheel.  A friend left the sate of Alaska and sold me a large box of roving.  In that box was a container of, what she called, faux-lags.  When I opened the container, the lid popped off, and faux-lags went every where!

About half of the faux-lags in their container
She had planned to do a gradient, and I am attempting to keep true to her plan, even if I might have the faux-lags in a different order than she had!

Some pictures of our progression:

It is growing. 
It is telling me it wants to be a gradient shawl or scarf.
I don't wear shawls or scarves.
My friend does; she's offered to give this skein a home
and help it  become a shawl or scarf.
The last of the little faux-lags.  I have a few of the gray and will switch to the last color of teal.

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