Sunday, April 6, 2014

FO - Journey into Faux-lags

Last half of the faux-lags gray to blue
 A fellow fiber-friend had to leave the state of Alaska rather quickly due to a family emergency.  She was looking for someone to buy some of her fiber.  I purchased a large box from her, sight-unseen.  In the box was a container of what she called "faux-lags).

While opening the container, I dropped it and mixed up her lovely faux-lags, so had attempt to re-order them, having no clue what their original order was.

They were a dream to spin with and I got a lovely thin thread.  I had visions of knitting something that had the color shift from one to the other.  My only choice of plying was to chain-ply (aka: Navajo-Ply).

I had never heard "faux-lags" and had visions of her combing all the fiber and rollling into roll-lags.  Not so, my pretty! Very quick, Check it out here on youtube!

I got 357 yarns of yummy BLF from deep brown to teal blue.  Found an easy pattern on Ravelry, called Old Shale Smoke Ring, for the yarn (one of those wonderful knit until it's long enough or you run out of yarn, bind off patterns).

The yarn knit up into a lovely color shifting Shale Smoke Ring!

 Spinning and knitting -- is that two FO?!


Gracey is not my name.... said...

That came out beautifully. I hope your mom is okay. We have one more week, parent conferences then spring break, cannot wait....

Fiber Jewels said...

Thank you. learned a lot at doctor's appointments with mom. Brother takes over today while I return to the classroom.