Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Rondelay Redux - Off to a Good Start

I hate swatching!  Until recently, I've always been spot on with knitting to gauge when using recommended yarn and needle size.

My first Rondelay, I didn't swatch.

The pattern said:   Gauge: 18 st and 36 rows/4” in garter stitch, after blocking. Gauge is not critical for this project, however a different gauge may result in a smaller or larger finished shawl, and different yardage requirements. 

So I didn't check my gauge.  I WAS using the yarn suggested for the project, so I cast on!

First Rondelay with suggested yarn and needles (size 6):  26/44

So, I checked my gauge with a swatch which I blocked!

With size 7 needles I got 20/40.  Closer

I tried size 8 needles, but the fabric was far too loose (really needed a 7.5 needle, but do they even make that size?).

So here she is:

She is knitting bigger, compared to my finished and blocked first Rondelay.

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