Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Quick Update

I finished up my second FO of 2015, which is also my second Rodelay.  I love the close up and the color plays.  

This is a hard project to photograph.  I am planning to gift her to my lovely friend and coworker, so quick pics this morning before I begin my day and take this to my friend.

I started a second Seedling Hat, this time in green!

Maybe 2015 will be my year of doing projects multiple times.  With my dyslexia, I often misread patterns.  Both of these have given me the opportunity to fix the errors on my second attempts!

And on the work front?

Our principal has continued to micro-manage and attempt to make changes to my Behavior Support Program (BSP) classroom and caseload that would have a negative impact on my students.  He has made comments to me about my anxiety that aren't appropriate as well as give recommendations on how to manage my BSP classroom. 

As it stands, he's been given notice by union and others to stop micro-managing me, to not make comments about the anxiety issue.  He is also not to give me suggestions on how to manage my BSP classroom as he doesn't have a background in Emotional/Behavioral Disorders.  The district's Behavior Health Professional has visited my classroom and I'm doing everything according to district guidelines for a BSP classroom.

If he continues, I have been told I may take FMLA (with a doctor's note) for the remainder of the year, and, despite my limited number of sick days left, it would be paid, "there is the sick-bank, and another option" (I didn't ask the union rep what that meant).  I do not want to do this as this too would have a negative impact on my students.

I sent in a request for a Leave of Absence for 2015/16 school year; it has been approved by HR, and just needs to go before the board.  

Things continue to look positive for my new position working at the equine assisted therapy center!

And the stress has pushed me to find relief in knitting!


Babajeza said...

You've chosen a beautiful green!

Beth Coleman said...

Love that green!

Fiber Jewels said...

Thank you both. The bright green is just what I need as we are still in the grips of winter.