Thursday, April 23, 2015

On my way to 200: #120-134

I love Geocaching.

As the school year winds down, State and local year end testing is being completed, everyone in my classroom, adults and students, are suffering from "I am DONE with the school year"!

To wrap up the school year, and possibly 21 years of teaching, I have been sharing Geocaching with my students.  We are doing a whole-group project to share Geocaching with families of our school.

In all this Geocaching over load, I have decided that I want to reach 200 finds by the "end of summer" (August).  

I still love knitting, but getting out, moving around, getting fresh air, has really been good for the soul.  I love that, now with smart phone apps, this is a hobby that one can do FREE.  You need an account at  For about $30 a year, you can get a premium account with, which allows you access to more caches, but you can do it free.  If you geocache in urban settings (good cell coverage), all you really need is a geocaching App - though a GPS unit will give you more accurate readings, a smart phone and App works fine.  I have been having issues with my GPS, so I've been stuck to phone geocaching and it has served me well.  Before my husband and I hit the trails, we will need a GPS as we often find ourselves in areas with no cell coverage.

So, here we go:

Had to take a day off to take my mom to a doctor's appointment - then I drug her along for some parking lot geocaching:
#120  "Threading The Needle" -- a "nano" which is the smallest cache you will find.
#121 "Isn't she Beautiful" hanging behind the sign of a flag
#121 -can you see it now?
#122 "ER Rocks" -- a fake rock in a field of rocks!  This one was pretty tough!
While shopping, I encouraged my husband to do some parking lot finds (not his favorite type of geocaching).

#126 "Sam's Clubbin" - another fake rock, nestled up against a large boulder.
#126 from the bottom
#127 "Something of a Twist" - under a lamp pole skirt.  Several film canisters, with notes stating "not here" and "try again".  Actual cache (which contains a log to sign) was attached to skirt with magnets.
#127 - the actual cache which contained the log
Some caching after work with a coworker who has nicknamed me "Geo-Pig":

#132 - "Back Light" - This cache is one that is, well, it is in violation of a couple of proper geocaching etiquette rules.  

First it was hidden by a newbie (with less than 20 finds).  A Cache Owner (one who hides a cache) is responsible for taking care of the cache.  When it gets several DNF's (did not find) to go check on it state it is there, or replacing it.  It is recommended by that one refrain from hiding a cache until one has had about 100 finds.  

The other violation is that, when a cache gets DNF's someone doesn't assume it is gone and replace it with a "throw-down".  This cache was "replaced" (throw-down) by another newbie with a mere 7 finds.  Spring must be the season for newbies to get excited by this hobby.  They are quick to say a cache is gone when they couldn't find it. 
#133 "Doctor's Orders" a small little "bison" hanging an a pine tree
#134 "Wasilla Station" - another nano, hanging out on something red.