Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Moving Forward

Life right now is pretty good.

(file picture-training volunteers)
Yesterday I introduced two older boys on the Autism Spectrum to horses.  If that weren't exciting enough, I even got paid for it!

Last week I took a class on grant writing, and that part of my life is moving forward--I will be working on a pretty large project shortly.  You would think, having worked 21 years as a special education teacher and had to manage my time to complete paperwork in a timely manner I'd have this whole Time Management thing down, but I am struggling.  My list of to-dos seems to grow, and I don't have any real set due dates, and, well, it IS summer.

I am sure, once I have a set schedule, I'll do okay.  I have found I FEEL like I get more done when I shower and get ready for "work" right away, instead of doing the same amount of work in my PJ's.

I have been knitting.

I ripped out Birch Leaf Shawl. I started it in July 2012, and it just wasn't going to knit itself. Although it was an easy pattern to follow, there was no relief from counting stitches and paying attention; every knit row consisted of YO's, SSK's, K2TOG's!

After winding the yarn back into a ball, I cast on the Holey Square Shawl.  I am calling my project Holey Cruise Shawl as my goal is to get it completed for our cruise in this winter.

This week I got to fresh, non-crinkly, yarn.  It is a nice 11  rows of mindless knitting back and forth, a row to bind off for the holes, another row of casting on the replacement stitches, and off to 11 more rows of mindless knitting.  Yep, that's the stem of a wine glass.  I goofed up on these rows, knitting while tired, drinking wine, resulted in 2 hours the following morning of finding errors, tinking back to the error, knitting on, and then finding another error.  

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Beth Coleman said...

Yay for getting paid to do what you love!