Thursday, October 22, 2015

Counting Rows

When I started knitting back in 2006 counting rows caused me great difficulty.  

First I started with a slip of paper where I would count off rows with a tally mark.  I then tried one of those twisty row counters you can slip on the end of your needles.

The problem is that they didn't work.  I would come to the end of a row, half the time I would forget to count the row (either with a tally mark on paper, or twist a number).  Sometimes I'd start the next row and couldn't remember if I had counted my row or not.  Some rows got counted.  Some rows didn't.  Some rows were counted twice.

I was also an avid beader at the time, so after looking on Etsy for row counters, I got to thinking.

If you have seen many of my WIP, you may have noticed my row counter on almost every project.

On December 5, 2007, I opened my Etsy store FiberJewels.  I ran it part time, developing my row counters and was doing fairly well considering I was working it in my spare time.  

In 2010, I moved to Alaska, didn't have the time or space, and I quit making row counter for sale.

Today, I pulled out my supplies and after the first link or so the muscle memory kicked in and away I went!  

Some of my completed row counters with their 10's charms.

A pile or row counters from this morning.

I checked out Etsy and there are some making similar row counters, but mine are different!  Mine are the PERFECT row counters!

Leave a comment on what you use for counting rows and I will place your name in a drawing for a row counter of your choice from my store (when I get it up and running).

Ten Reasons these are THE PERFECT row counter!

1. Stays on your needles so this row counter will always be with the correct project. Unlike bracelets, slips of paper, and other methods you may use.

2. As you come to the row counter, you slip the needle into next number, so no need to question yourself “did I or didn’t I make tally mark (click counter, move bead marker, etc.)?” No more counting rows twice, or not at all!
3. The numbers help you get right back on track if you happen to drop the row counter when going to next row. That can’t be said for row counters with no numbers where you are left trying to figure out which link your needle was in.
4. A simple move of the 10's clip every 10 rows. No sliding back to zero as needed with bracelets and other abacus style row counters. The zero is before one for a reason, it represents zero, not ten. The clip after 9 alerts you that you’ve reached another 10, time to move your clip!
5. The “10’s clip” allows you to count up to 99 rows. 
6. Clip can also be used to track companion rows – every time you complete a set rows in a pattern, you can move your clip to the next number. 
7. Adds a little bling to your needles for your knitting pleasure!
8. Numbers placed appear backwards but are that way for ease of use as they appear upright and incorrect order when used.
9. Reasonable priced.
10. Use for one week – don’t think it is the best, return for full refund of purchase price (less S&H)

Nothing could be simpler!

“Perfect for counting rows.” – Christine
“The perfect length for counting rows” – Natalie
”The only thing that is keeping me sane and on track…” - Katherine

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