Monday, October 19, 2015

Holey (Might Work) Cruise Shawl

Friday I picked up this lovely little cake of Alpaca Lace by Cascade Yarns at the LYS to assist in finishing my Holey Cruise Shawl.  The clerk and I looked high and low and we both agreed that, with the lighter areas in the kettle dyed purple lace, this heather light gray would be a nice accent.

I set about attempting to find a lace edging that was easy wasn't too difficult.  I found several knitted edgings that would have looked great, but none of them included the corner pattern and I was just not in the mood to create my own.  I settled on a crocheted edge that will work nicely.

It was a wet and dreary weekend with a lot of NetFlix, knitting, and pie making.  The pie was a spur of the moment thing.  In the past, I have baked them from scratch, but Mom left one can of apple pie filling in my pantry (the directions state you need to cans), so I made due with it.  We ended with a rather thin little thing that tasted as good a pie made with two cans!

The house smelled lovely with the pie in the oven!  

I am almost done with the edge.  My mom suggested I edge the holes with the gray -- all 200 +/- of them? I am thinking no!  My husband agrees with my mom.  I am still thinking no!  After finishing the edging, I will block it before I make my decision!

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