Friday, October 16, 2015

Holey (Not Happy) Square Shawl

This May I ripped out Birch Leaf Shawl because it has been on the sticks for three years and it wasn't knitting itself.  The pattern wasn't difficult, but it was a pattern that required my attention for every knit row.  I do most of my knitting watching TV in the evening with my husband and this pattern just required too much attention for me.

I settled on the Holey Square Shawl pattern.  It is a super easy pattern.  Eleven rows knit/purl, then two rows where you cast off and then bind on stitches to create the holes.  I started it on May 31, but realized it was just not going to be wide enough; frogged and CO with needles two sizes larger on September 6.

Yesterday, October 15, I ran out of yarn completed the shawl.  Not bad, 5 1/2 weeks (I did take break and test knit a pattern for my friend).

Not happy with it.  To complete the pattern I need to knit 12 more rows and that should make it square, and then do a single crochet around the edge.  I am thinking I might single crochet the sides and then do a boarder on the ends to make the shawl square.

Looking for a edging that would look nice, have to find yarn that will look okay.  I think white or ivory may not be right.  Maybe a dark gray.  

Not too happy with as it is.  

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Caffeine Girl said...

It is so frustrating when knitting doesn't work out. I also mostly knit in the evenings, and I'm tired after work! I like knitting more complicated things, but I usually just have energy for the easy ones.