Saturday, October 17, 2015

Test Knitting - Self-striping or Scrappy Socks

When my friend posted the above picture on her FaceBook page requesting test knitters, I was in!

The pattern is for self-striping yarn that has at least 5 rows per color OR you can use scraps.

I am not a striped sock wearer so not sure why the fascination with this pattern, but I had to test this pattern.

I knew I wouldn't find any self-striping yarn in my stash so a trip to the LYS was a must!

I ignored the fact that I have a ton of sock yarn scraps that would have worked just fine!

There were no self-striping sock yarns at the LYS, but the above little gem fit the bill!

September 30, CO

As soon as I got home, I did my test swatch to get my gauge, filled in the necessary information in the various slots on the pattern, grabbed a beer and away I knit!

After the toe, I knit color bands of 6 rows. Joined new color by weaving in ends as I knit.

I would use this pattern again, as I DO have lots of scrap yarns.
I would weave in as I knit, and not use the "magic knot" which is what I started using.
I would change how I knit the heel - I would split the color when adding the waste yarn. If using scraps, I might knit entire heel one color.

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