Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Autumn Dalekanium - A Journey

Today's post started on April 23, at "Dye Day" with Denise Morrison at Fiber N' Ice,

and a skein of natural Williamette Sock Merino, dye, and fun!
Denise had created self-striping skeins, and I couldn't help myself.

I had no idea what I was doing to create the stripes,
I now have some plans for the next self-striping I may dye,
but life is one big experiment after another.
Some workout and some don't.

After a trip in the microwave to set the dye -- it was a hot mess!

The long skein was quite a mess to wind into cakes.
Thankfully my husband is great help!

I was sure I would do my friend's pattern, Dalekanium.
April 26 I cast on.

While camping, I realized I'd dropped a stitch.
About 20 rows back.
All I brought with me was my project bag.
No access to extra DPNS.
I didn't want to reknit BOTH socks.
Found long toothpicks in the RV.
Put the good sock on the toothpicks,
(They are very sharp and puncture the skin!)
Frogged to the dropped stitch, and was back in the
game in short order!

These socks have been EVERYWHERE with me this summer
All of the 10 camping trips we went on.
Dipnetting with my family where we netted 80 salmon and 2 flounders.
I just  couldn't get in the groove of knitting!
And finally, they are done!!!!

They will be sent to my sister-in-law as soon as they are dry!

While looking through my picture roll for this post,
I found these skeins that I forgot I purchased!!

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Those came out great!