Thursday, September 29, 2016

Done and Done!

Yesterday I got my background check. You will be happy to know that this blogger has no criminal history!

About five minutes ago I submitted my online application to sub.

Later today I will finalize my application by dropping off my "Substitute Packet".  I will also ask how I can be considered for some of the positions that are listed as still open that I'm interested in.

I enjoyed subbing for the two years before getting my own classroom.  I do admit, I went home twice in tears--kindergarteners and me do NOT make a good match!

It is a totally different form of classroom management.

I'll have to research again what may work and pull from my brain some of the methods I used.

Generally, I bribed offered incentives.  YOUR teacher wants us to do this work, if WE work together, I'm sure we can shave time off each lesson, by the end of the day we could have 30 minutes to do........ 


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