Thursday, September 1, 2016

How Many Times do You Wind?

After yesterday's post, I went in search of KOIm here FISHY FISHY and wound these two skeins into cakes.
(Project yet to be determined, I'm thinking hat and/or mittens)

I then wondered how many others wind their yarn several times.

A long time ago, a fellow knitter shared how she has always wound her cakes several times off the skein as the first time the cake is wound, it is tight and small and she loved the squishy loveliness the cakes became after two or three winds.

She did it because she loved the large, soft, squishy cakes.


she purchased several skeins of yarn from the LYS, wanted to knit right away for the road trip she was going on, so had the LYS wind one skein for her.

Didn't think much of it until.....

she began knitting from the large, soft, squishy cakes she wound.  

The tighter wound cake from the LYS knit up with a completely different gauge than the large, soft, squishy cakes she wound.

Ever since then, I wind my cakes several times.

Both of these are 200 yards.
Left one wound just one time from the skein.
Right one wound three times.

So, how many times do you wind?

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