Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Stuck Inside

It is BEAUTIFUL outside today.

I am stuck inside.

Before March 1, 2017, I have to notify my district of my decision to return to the classroom,
or not.

I am not sure I will be able to work full-time and continue to assist my mom with doctor's appointments and the like.

I could return half-time, but have been toying with the idea of substitute teaching.

I've been told a good sub can work almost every day.  I subbed for two years before I was hired full-time.  It is a completely different classroom management style, but I enjoyed it, followed lesson plans, graded paperwork, and left notes about how our day went.  I was kept busy until I was hired.

Subbing would allow me an income and begin paying back the savings I've used up while on my Leave of Absence.  No medical, but I get that from my husband.

Daily pay is approximately half of what I would get full-time;
maybe I should just go back 0.5 FTE.

I am in the process of applying to substitute teach with a different school district than I am on leave from.  It is pretty much the same process as applying for a regular classroom teaching position!

This morning I sent out emails requesting Letters of Reference from 10 teachers, supervisors, and parents today.
Apparently, the teachers and supervisors are working as I'm awaiting their replies .
The parents stated they would LOVE to share how wonderful I was as their child's teacher!

Things didn't go well between the principal and me.
Short story is:
I was told to do something against our contract
I had to call union in to protect my rights
principal retaliated by providing me with my first poor evaluation in 21 years of teaching.

The union has stated I shouldn't bring it up while discussing future positions and if someone asks about it, I'm to simply state, "We had a difference of opinions."

I do not know what type of reference the principal gave me.
(union said he can't bash me, but he can share facts---his facts are different than my facts)
I am attempting to get as many letters of reference as I can to counteract any negative he may have stated.

I am  now at the point where I have to type replies to various questions.

Defining diversity.

How I encourage others to honor the uniqueness of individuals.

How I challenge stereotypes and promote sensitivity and inclusion.

And it is BEAUTIFUL outside.

My front porch is calling me..........

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Gracey is not my name.... said...

Sorry you have to go through all that...I hated substitute teaching...I personally would not do it...but it does give you flexibility...