Monday, September 19, 2016

UGH!!! Darn Good (Frustration Inducing) Yarn and Shawl

Last week I was ten rows further than the picture on my Darn Good Falling Leaves Lace Shawl.  I picked it up, started knitting stupidly happily away and the lace pattern shift was NOT working out.

I tinked (un-knit) a row or two.

Wasn't working.

Gave up tinking and frogged rows.

Before I knew it, I'd frogged back 27 or so rows.

Picked up stitches.

Counted stitches.

Checked pattern.

I had picked up 307 stitches.  Pattern stated I would need 303 stitches; 51 before marker, center stitch, and 51 after.

I frogged another three rows to have the correct number of stitches. Attempted lace pattern and it was not working out!  There weren't enough stitches.

Counted lace pattern stitches, and realized first error on the pattern. Then I noticed the pink number "53" written (note to self:  write better notes to self on patterns!)  I would need 307 stitches; 53 before marker, center stitch, and 53 after.

Knit the additional three rows and was able to begin lace pattern.

I have spent so much time on attempting to figure out this "simple" lace pattern.

I can NOT figure out the shift.  The pattern has you adding stitches where there shouldn't be yarn overs.  When I follow the pattern, the shift doesn't line up correctly.  I'm pulling my hair out!!!

The endless hours I've spent attempting to figure this out.

I have decided I'm I'm just going to fake it until this is done.  There is no errata.  I have emailed the designer - I haven't received a reply yet.

Here is where am I now, after a week and untold hours knitting, tinking, frogging, counting, frogging, picking up, knitting?

Seven more rows and I'll be where I was before all this tinking and frogging began! Oh, and isn't that special, you can see how different the two skeins colors are.  I gave Darn Good Yarn a try.  Between the pattern errors, the two skeins not being the same color, I don't think I'll be ordering from them again.

I'm on row 22 now.

On a positive note, when hanging the shawl over a chair while I frogged it, I learned it does have a wonderful drape!

I wish I'd found the pattern and comments before purchasing.  Of the 28 listed (one being mine), there are three (four counting me) that mentioned issues with the pattern.  Many negative comments about the yarn.

Oh well, live and learn.

This week I'll be heading up to Fairbanks, Alaska, on a trip with the Senior Center and my mom.  I usually end up helping with some of the senior ladies and they always claim they feel sorry for me because I end up taking care of three or four "mom's".  After 21 years of going on field trips with behavior disordered kiddos, the senior trips are a dream! I can have a glass of wine with dinner/lunch, and sometimes they buy my alcoholic beverages!

I'll be bringing LazyKaty Shawl.

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