Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Quick Update

Friday, October 21 was our first snowfall of the year,
leaving all the  trees covered in a thick layer of snow!
(Picture for your viewing pleasure - because I read blogs should have lots of pictures!)
Yes, I was hired, and I have been in the classroom for a total of six days!

Setting up a new classroom in a new school is hard work.  Stepping into a new classroom on day 39 of the school year is exhausting!  (Read: no time to knit!)

The previous teacher was "on a plan of improvement" and wasn't making those improvements.  She was asked to resign.  She didn't have very strong classroom management skills; the behaviors have been problematic, but each day is better!

Last week I awoke every day in the middle of the night (3 or 4 am) to complete that day's lesson plans.  I've been told to just work on creating a classroom community and work on getting their behaviors under control.

The first weekend I went to school and spent 6 hours just cleaning and organizing the teacher area and trying to get a handle on things.

Schedule cards printed from Teachers Pay Teachers
Magnets on back for my white board
The second weekend I created class schedule cards (all the ones I found in the classroom were just words - I have 1st & 2nd graders, some not yet reading).  I managed to draw up a week's worth of lesson plans AND pulled all of my teacher things out of the attic.

The trees Saturday - it was so pretty outside
I was stuck inside printing, cutting, and laminating
another break from the words, just for you!
Today is the last full day for this week as we have Parent/Teacher (P/T) conferences.  I'll be meeting with my Special Education supervisor to come up with grades, and make sure IEP progress reports are done!

Yesterday, I managed to pick up some knitting - I have only one more pattern repeat for Falling Leaves Shawl (no picture, sorry, I want to get this post up published).


Caffeine Girl said...

You are getting an amazing amount done at work! I don't know how you elementary teachers do it all. I have no idea of how to set up a classroom. Teaching special ed at the secondary level, I have an office. I'm surprised a special ed teacher was asked to leave given the national shortage!

FiberJewels said...

Thank you! Think about how bad it must have been for the district to ask her to leave, and that's all I will say!