Thursday, October 6, 2016

Updates - Job Search AND Knitting

After returning home from the trip to Fairbanks, I've been busy tracking down references, updating my resume, and the like to begin my return to the classroom.  One week ago I delivered all necessary documents to the local school district.  I was told it would take two weeks to hear back from them.

There hasn't been much time for knitting.

Less than 24 hours after delivering my applications documents, I was approved to substitute teach for the district.

Two business days after dropping off the application packet, I received a call for my first interview (which is today).

Four business days (yesterday), my information was sent out to all principals for review for open positions.  Two hours later, I received a phone call from another principal.  This classroom sounds like it was created for me!  I'm to "drop by" after my first interview today.  Drop by!?

If you don't hear from me for a while - I will once again be in the classroom!  One of the positions is available immediately.  The bonus of being an approved sub, I can be in my own classroom tomorrow!

Okay, and now knitting, because that is why most of you join me.

I've been drooling over knitting bowls ever since the very first one I saw.  This little one is nothing super fancy, but it works great and looks nicer than the glass bowl I borrowed from the kitchen.  It is not only made in America, it is also Alaskan made!

Update on the Falling Leaves Shawl.  The above picture is where I was before.  I wrote a rant on this shawl here.  Quick recap: there were issues with the pattern and every 10th row or so, stitches were NOT matching up correctly.  I contacted the designer and she sent me an updated version!

I frogged all the way back to the beginning of the lace pattern.  I just completed the row(s) that were causing me issue, the new pattern is GREAT!


Caffeine Girl said...

I admire you for frogging and reknitting. I have an unspecified number of projects that need just that. It is so tedious!

Congratulations (I think) on the career progress. Do you do special ed? Regular? I've worked 10-hour days all week and I am still so far behind with IEP paperwork! I love the teaching part, but the paperwork is killing me -- and my special ed co-workers. It's a mixed bag these days.

FiberJewels said...

I am a Special Ed teacher, Specific Learning Disabilities and Emotional/Behavioral Disorders. I also have a general education (grades 1-6), but have never taught in general education, except to sub.

I'm on a leave of absence from my school district. Have to let them know before March 1 if I'm returning for next school year. I usually work 50+ hour weeks, as well as bringing work home. The paperwork is hard - am I recalling correctly that you're in high school, or was it middle school?