Saturday, August 18, 2012

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Last Day of Summer

At 4000 feet above sea level looking down at the inlet and across to Wasilla, Alaska.
Today is it.  It is my last day of summer.

Those of you who work year round do not feel sorry for me, I know.

But, tomorrow I will return to the classroom "officially" -- I have already spent two days in the classroom getting it organized and ready.  Have spent hours on the couch going through my student list and reading their Individual Education Plans (IEP) and getting that information organized. 

So today is the last day.

I have already spent two hours this morning finishing up going through IEP's, completed that which I wanted to before I head to the classroom tomorrow.

I have the rest of the day to......

I would love to sit and knit all day, but I really should do the last little bit getting my desk cleaned off and ready (despite the goal to NOT bring anything home, I'm sure I will and I moved my desk/office area to a spare bedroom).

The lawn needs to be mowed (so tired of the rain up here in Alaska).

My horse NEEDS to be ridden.

Car packed with the last of my personal items for the classroom.

It is Thursday, so Jitters Knitters after 4.

The day is ticking away, so I'm off........

oh no...panic is beginning to set in!  Will I have time to get all my projects done?!  I have such a long que of items to complete for Dennis and I!  Two pairs of heavy winter socks for him (they are out of worsted and do knit up fast), and a pair of "hiking socks" for each of us!