Sunday, November 20, 2016

I. Am. Tired.

Friday marked my 23rd day in my new classroom.

I am still waiting for the time I no longer feel like I'm behind the 8 ball!

The Special Education process is SO different from the other district I was working at, I almost feel like I'm in a different state and not just a neighboring district!

Completed my "Mandated New Teacher Training" today, one week late!  oops!

Still spending more time on behaviors than on academics. We are getting better each day!

I'm still doing lesson plans daily ~ every time I think I can do a week's worth of lessons, something happens on Monday, and I'm back to writing plans for the day each and every day.
Each. And. Every. Day!
Every morning, I look at our daily schedule and fill it is.
Did I tell you I do this EVERY day?!

I have my first Three-year re-eval and IEP on a student Tuesday.
SURPRISE! Exiting teacher did NOTHING for it!
It is what it is -- I'm attempting to let it go.
I'm to OCD to let it go, but I'm trying!

I have been asked here, as well as other places:
With the huge Special Education Teacher shortage, how could they let one go?

The teacher was on a plan of improvement and wasn't making improvements.
The teacher had ZERO classroom management skills.
I've seen the videos of her in action.
I'm dealing with the fall out of her lack of control!

Yes, it was bad enough that this teacher had NO business in a classroom!

The students ran the classroom -- First and second graders RAN the classroom!
First and second graders with behavior issues ran the classroom!
The classroom was not safe.
I continue to deal with coping behaviors from the chaos of the first 40 days of school!

Three days, that's all I have to survive this week.

We are doing a mini unit on Stone Soup!

I am managing to get some knitting in evenings - it's been my saving grace each day.

Spent today printing a million and one things from Teachers Pay Teachers, ordered book bins, and completed the last of my "mandated training".

Now I can focus on the training I NEED -- the Special Education training for the district!

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Caffeine Girl said...

Only a fellow special ed teacher can understand what you are going through, and you have all my sympathy! I took over a caseload this year from a horrible, negligent teacher and am still trying to get things in order. Your workload sounds overwhelming! Hang in there.