Thursday, June 11, 2015

Wish me Luck

To learn the ropes of non-profit grant writing, I set a goal to write grants pro-bono, for 5 different clients.

Four of the "clients" I have lined up are people who know me, and were all too happy to allow me to use them to educate myself on the ins and outs of non-profit grant writing compared to writing tiny little grants for classrooms.

Today I have a meeting with an unknown client; one who is not related to me via family or friends.  At first I was super excited.  This client is one that is willing/able to pay "going rate" for a grant writer based on experience.  I shared with them that my experience is limited, that I'm learning, and I'm looking for clients to build my portfolio via pro-bono work.  They, like my friends, were happy to meet with me and the chance of free grant writer.

After researching the non-profit I am scared.  YIKES!  This could be a huge client, and may be totally out of my league!

Shared my concerns with my mom - and she is so sure I'll do just fine!  "You have been successful in everything that you do!" she encouraged.  That, after all, is what a parent does, encourage their children, isn't it?

When I told my husband I was thinking of canceling the meeting - he pointed out that this could become a paying client and help me meet my goal.  He is so supportive in anything I do.

The meeting is in 4 1/2 hours, and I am already a bundle of nerves.

I keep telling myself that I am interviewing them as much as they are interviewing me - I would rather do less grants and be successful than several grants, and not do a bang-up job!

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