Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Last of Five


I have been interviewing for a new teaching position for the last couple weeks.

These interviews have had me leaving middle of the school day (during my prep), early at the end of the day (again during a time I do a lot of prep), and this morning I will arrive late (missing my before school prep time).

I didn't realize how much this has taken out of me until last night.

I decided to try chainmailling and ordered some kits. They arrived yesterday and I was excited to see them when I got home from my last interview.  Because the interview was right after work, I made it home earlier than usual.

After cleaning up from dinner, I sat down at my desk, started reading instructions, and following the directions to create my first chainmailled bracelet. Suddenly, I realized how incredibly tired I was despite the early evening time.

I should know by Friday if I have a new position, or if I have to continue the process.  I have a contract for full-time for 2013/14 school year, but have yet to secure a position.

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Gracey is not my name.... said...

Chain mail! That is soooo coool!!!! And sorry about the interviews...I hope you get a new position soon....it sucks having uncertainty....things are done a bit different here...some positions call for an interview, but not all...