Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Weekend in Pictures

Drive home Friday, I have the most beautiful commute.
Let Spring Vacation begin!

Breakfast at our favorite restaurant, Snow City in Anchorage.
Got a chip in my car window on the way home.
That makes 5; they "sand" the roads up here with gravel!
Used to fix the chips,
now I just let them accumulate
 until one cracks and runs across my vision,
then I get a new window. 

Snowshoeing in the Greenbelt behind our house (burns around 500 calories!).

Sunday we had to wait for the moose to move along.
Our dog is such a good girl.
That's her sitting beside my husband, no leash.
She wanted a piece of the moose, until the moose charged her.

Spinning, lots of spinning.
A friend left Alaska, I got to purchase her spinning fiber.
This she made into faux-lags and I'm hoping to spin it so it progresses in colors.
I vision a shawl of some type, but I am not a fan of lace,
unless it is in the form of socks.
Will chain-ply to keep color progression.

Watched a good movie on Netflix with the hubs.

Got some reading time in for our school's "Idita-read".
My friend is the author of this book which is set in a remote Alaskan village.
It is odd reading a book when you know the author.

I have a long list of things I want to get done this weekend.
I am hoping to get most of them done Monday and then relax.
I always have grandiose plans for our breaks from school.
I usually only get a fraction of the things I want done!

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