Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Journey Continues

Our Collection of go-to books.

Last year, due to a massive project at home, followed by D working out of town, we got the RV out a total of TWO times!  Before that, we tended to go to the same three or four campgrounds.  This year, we are going to explore!

We are attempting to go RVing/Camping as much as possible, explore campgrounds we haven't been to, AND get out and hike as much as we can.  When not camping, we are going to get out and hike local trails.

We are planning our next trip, and I'm busy seeing which of the campgrounds fit our desire to get out and hike.  We are deciding between Primrose Campground and Ptarmigan Creek Campground, so I have my laptop fired up for internet research (because many campgrounds still have their gates closed), and my little library.

The Traveler's Guide to Alaskan Camping: Alaska and Yukon Camping With RV or Tent (Traveler's Guide series)was the first book we purchased after deciding to get an RV. It is a great little book that provides a lot of information on camping by tent or RV in Alaska.  I only wish that it had more information on boondocking locations!

The Alaska Wilderness Guide, from the editors of The Milepost 2016, also offers information on camping, but I like reading up on various hiking trails in this book.  The Milepost 2016 is also a great reference, but not one we use often.

We love to fish, but dislike combat fishing (fishing elbow to elbow with 1000's of people on the shore of a river or lake).  The book Highway Angler, Fishing Alaska's Road System, 6th edtion provides some information on some more out of the way places one can fish from.  These locations do involve a little hiking, and that is what keeps the crowds away.  We don't have fishing gear, so that book can wait.

The fourth book in my pile is a recent find and not one I am using as I gather information for our next exploration.  Explorer's Guide 50 Hikes Around Anchorage  This book was written by a friend, and as the title states, outlines 50 hikes around the Anchorage area.

Once we have decided on a campground, I'll head on over to and see if there are any geocaches in the area!

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