Thursday, April 28, 2016

Fresh off the Wheel

I love the yarns and roving that Denise dyes at Fiber N' Ice.  This is roving I purchased many years ago in a colorway called "King Fisher"

Predrafted and ready to spin.
Spinning up nicely, this stretch of roving was very blue!
Pops of ochre and yellow showing up.
Three bobbins, ready to ply.
Plyed on the bobbin.
Twist set, in a skein trying to decide what it should become!


Caffeine Girl said...

That is fabulous yarn. In general, I have no interest in spinning, but this kind of yarn does tug at me. I know you can buy it -- but not at prices I can afford! It is going to be amazing knit up.

D & R said...

Thank you Caffeine Girl! I am not sure what the yarn wants to be when it grows up! Sometimes, while spinning, I will have an image of the knit project, but most often, that is not the case.