Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Another project? REALLY!!?!?!?!?

I have set a goal to attempt to knit 12 projects in 2012 -- pretty easy-peasy to contemplate during the summer when I can (if I so choose) sit in my pj's all day long every day and knit, if I so choose! 

But once school starts, all bets are off!  One hour round trip commute.  New teaching job, so I could easily be at school 9 hours a day, bring work home, and visit the classroom on weekends.

Newly engaged so I have a wedding to plan (though we have talked about running away and just doing it without all the mess of planning a wedding). 

So, why did I add Birch Leaf Shawl to my list of projects I am knitting?


On the sticks I have: Jenny Socks that I have been working on for over a year;  Then the Every Way Wrap that is the most difficult cabling I have every done (another project that sat in my bag waiting for about a year);  The quick knit of the Basic Cowl that I started so I could get ahead of the game and get back to the Every Way Wrap;  Oh, and let's not forget finishing Off the Craftroom Floor shoulder bag I need to sew a liner for and finish up in a non-knitting way.  There is also the Short-Sleeved mock Turtleneck I have to decide to frog or track down yarn (after frogging the defunct yarn)

So, please tell me why I started yet ANOTHER project?!  I do not need 6 projects on the sticks!

Maybe it's because I SHOULD be studying for a test I have to take (and pass) so that I can teach next year.


Maybe I should put my knitting away, and study.


Reminds me of college when I'd decide to bake cookies (rolled, cut and frosted sugar cookies) when I was behind on my course work or had a huge test to study for.

Maybe I should bake cookies....

Or, just study.....

Or knit.....

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