Sunday, May 8, 2011

Knit One, Chore One, Repeat


Yesterday was a "knit one row, do some house work, repeat" day. I would sit down and knit a row or two, then go do a chore. I actually got a fair amount done on both the sock and the housework!

I will finish this last pattern-repeat and will divide for the heel and before the end of today, I will have caught up before these socks got frogged!

My mom came over and spent the night last night and (why I made sure the house was presentable), bless her heart, she said I didn't have to rush the socks when I told her I wanted them done before the end of May!

I have been looking for ways to promote my business and had been looking at being a contributor to the Phat Fiber Box. Indies produce 20 or 50 samples (with 50 samples, you get your own box) to match the monthly theme, and then the boxes are sent to people who purchase them. It is wildly popular, the release of the sale is notified via email and the boxes sell out very fast.

Sadly, the lady running it stated she had her slot filled for stitch markers so I went in search of another venue.

I stumbled upon F.I.X. -- Fiber Indie eXperience Co-op. It is a group on Ravelry, (you will need to be a member of Ravlery, which is a great online knitting/crochetting/spinning/fiber community).

People purchase items from the month's Co-op members and each order gives them a entry into a drawing. This month there are three boxes, and each has a value between $100 and $105!

Pretty exciting! This month's boxes are GREAT!!! I am awaiting to see if they will allow me to join the co-op or not. If you are a member of Ravelry, go over and check out the group! I wonder if co-op members can be in the drawings too?!

Again, everyone have a GREAT MOTHER'S DAY!

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