Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sometimes I HATE knitting!

I was able to get my cousin's socks to heel divide, pick up stitches and complete the gusset then tried them on and couldn't get them over my heel. What!? No matter how hard I tried, these socks that 30 rows earlier slipped over the heel wonderfully well, would not slip over my heel. I took them off, tried them again and again, thought an hour or so and then frogged them in frustration!!

May 26 is my last day of work for the summer, and we fly out June 4 for our family trip to Vegas. If I hit it hard between my last day of work and before we fly out, I can get my cousin's socks done. So, I figured I would go back to my mom's socks. I have gotten very far on them; not bad for a couple weeks (right?)!

And then???? The cable popped off the needle, snapped right then and there. Do you think this sock knitter would have more than one size 1 circular needles? Nope! Sigh! Late Saturday night, and no way to continue with these socks that night, so I pulled out the balls of yarn from my cousin's socks and started knitting them.

The worst part of knitting socks (for me, besides all the false starts) is the first 30 or so rows! Friday evening, got my cousin's socks restarted and decided to knit from the toe up, using a pattern that really isn't a pattern other than "increase until it hits your foot at _____".

Sunday was a working day for us in the yard, but I managed to sneak out to the craft store to pick up needles for my mom's socks. In, out, off to the grocery store, and home! Quick trip! So why did I leave at 10 am and not get home until after 2?

The craft store had the needles, and then, for reasons still not clear to me, I stepped over an aisle to the yarns and saw "All sock yarn, buy one, get one half off!"

Bad, very bad! Step away from the yarn, Rhonda, step away!

Nope, I text my cousin who knew I'd ran away from home for the morning. Our convo went something like:

  • me --Sock yrn on sale - i am in trouble

  • cousin replies -- COOL!

  • me -- no, not cool, need to step away from yarn do not need more

  • me -- what colors do you like?

  • cousin -- blue, green, browns, (her list went on and on.....)

  • me -- need to step away from yarn

  • me -- do you like striped socks?

  • her -- sure, think of all the money you will save stocking up now!

  • me -- I do NOT need more yarn

  • her -- but you won't have to buy for a while, think of all the socks you can knit....

note to self -- never ever text cousin when I need someone to tell me to save my money!

Ninety minutes and 12 skeins & three sets of needles ($90) later, I leave the store, continue texting my cousin, sit in the warm sun of my car, turn it on, crank the air, contemplating eating breakfast the the nearby restaurant and cast on yet another pair of socks (really, I might have to find a 12 step program for myself!).

I get further on the new socks, size 3 needles knit faster than size 1, than her socks at home. Continue texting, knitting, enjoying the day, air conditioning running, listening to the radio and then my car goes silent.

Not good! Instead of cranking my car on and getting the engine going, I had turned it to "on" and my battery was dead. GREAT! Now I have to call the boy friend and get him to come and help me!

Oh well, now i have three pairs of socks going, at least I cast on a color that was from her list so, by the grace of God, I will be able to hand my cousin two pairs of socks!!!!

Think of all the socks I can knit now! 24 skeins and counting......

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Anonymous said...

What?! Of course you'll ask me again for advice, just look at all those beautiful colors and the money you've saved! :) I'm quite excited to actually get to hold these in my hands. I love you!