Monday, December 31, 2012

Catching Up ~ End of the Year ~ FO's 17 & 18

FO # 17 - Scarf for my mom

I had planned to spend this vacation catching up.  Move the last of my items from my mom's house and get it all settled in at our hew house, daily trips to the barn, and LOTS of knitting, but those were not in someone else's plans.

I came down with a NASTY cold just before break, took the last two days off from work to deal with the nasty cold hoping to knock it out before Christmas.  Am still coughing, sputtering, and dealing with the after math of a nasty could.

I have manage SOME knitting.  Above my mom is pictured with the scarf I knit quickly in a couple days while nursing my cold.    It was knit from yarn she picked out a year or so ago for a scarf.

I also managed kick out the following Christmas day for Dennis knit from hand spun yarn.

FO # 18 for Dennis

My belongings are still at my moms.  We did make a trip and got all my horse tack and other stuff, but I have only managed one trip to the barn.  Now that I have my saddle, helmet, saddle, etc., that should change as the half mile trip to the barn no longer involves a 10 mile round trip drive to my mom's to get my horse things first!

Tonight we will go to my mom's play cards, have finger food, and enjoy the family.

I return to work January 7, so MAYBE I can get some trips to the barn, and move the rest of my belongings here.

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